Fill The Bowls/ Sunday, September 25, 2015 • 1:00 PM on Hinds Plaza

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Celebrity Chef Brian Duffy returns to Princeton to help fight hunger.

It has been two years since Brian Duffy came to town to support Send Hunger Packing Princeton (SHUPP). At that time he shared cooking tips and skills to an enthusiastic group of students at Community Park School.

This year he will host SHUPP’s Fill the Bowl’s annual fund raiser on September 25th. Fill the Bowls also known as Empty Bowls has been a fundraising event around the nation for many years. The event is a mid day event. The Bowls will be filled by local restaurants who will provide various meals to the event participants.

The bowls themselves are hand made by artist, potter and Princeton adjunct professor Adam Welch. The admission fee to the event includes the purchase of one of these beautiful, commemorative bowls. The “take away” from the event is clear and these bowls in each participants cupboard will be a reminder that there are children in our Princeton schools who often experience food insecurity.

The Princeton community has been generous. As a result of their generosity the SHUPP program, in three years, has delivered 65,000 much needed, supplemental meals. Is there a problem in Princeton? Absolutely. Is there a solution? Working together, we are the solution.

Because our goal is to help a child hunger for knowledge, not breakfast!

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the beautiful Hand crafted bowls

The hand made bowls for this years event

Chef Duffy teaching the kids to cook

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