Frequently Asked Questions/ about SHUP Princeton Salsa and Salsa

Salsa and Salsa Fund Raiser

Will I need a Ticket?

There are no actual tickets to Salsa and Salsa. When you pay online, we track your name and number of guests. All you need to do is arrive at Hinds Plaza to register at 1 PM on Sunday, September 24th, and you are good to go!

Can I purchase additional bowls?

Absolutely. Additional handcrafted bowls are available for $25/ea. (as long as our inventory lasts). Collect a whole set . . . It's all for a great cause.

What is the attire?

This is a casual event… Kids can wear shorts or whatever they wear, and you can do the same.

How long is the event?

Salsa and Salsa is scheduled to run from 1:30-3:30 pm. Registration begins at 1:00.

Will there be dancing?

There will be a professional Salsa dancing demonstration and then if you are so moved you are welcome to take to the dance floor.

What happens if it rains?

The Princeton Public Library has been most gracious in letting us use the tents from their book fair the prior day, so we will go, rain or shine. The only caveat is the occurrence of a significant weather event. In the event it is not safe or practical to run the event, we will communicate with you via the email provided what the plan will be.

How do I get tickets?

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