SHUPP Adapts to Accomodate the Void of Winter Break

Thinking outside the Backpack
As 2016 ended and we approached Winter Break we were faced with the reality that Winter Break means different things to different families in our community.

For many students in the Princeton School District the extended time away from the classroom means time to travel and enjoy visiting friends and family. While others in the community are faced with the real possibility of experiencing food insecurity due to the lack of the safety net provided by the supplemental meal program available during the school year.

We decided to do what we could to help and the note below gives you a good idea of the outcome of our Winter Gift Baskets Initiative.

From the Desk of Liliana Morenilla

Winter Gift Basket Initiative
I would like to let the SHUPP organizers know how the Johnson Park gift baskets were organized and delivered. In one word I would say ORGANIZATION was critical and it made it easy with the help of crucial staff JP members, most importantly Valery Beauchamp, being our cafeteria supervisor and our JP SHUPP captain, who takes on this project with personal care and love. It was a phenomenal success for the families to have extra food for the winter break, the food no matter of their ethnicity, the food was happily taken by all.

We received 49 gift bags. We called ALL the families and explained what the gifts were about. Some of the families, around 14, we called (Marilou JP secretary did the English ones, I did the Spanish speaking ones) to ask the parents to pick up, 4 bags I delivered to the Learning Center for the parents to pick up at that location, 8 bags the PreK bus driver delivered to the kids homes, 15 were picked up at JP when the parents also picked up the holiday gifts (JP CLAUS ), 8 left that nurse Liz, Rick Kelly and I delivered to their homes.

What we would like to stress is that because of the SHUPP food, we see kids performing better in school and are happier. JP has a breakfast and lunch food program for Free and Reduced children, and this program is as important as the supplemental weekend food. The need of more substantial food would be great, including rice/pasta/, beans (all sorts) vegetables and fruits, preferably fresh, not canned. 

Parent Student Liason


Yes, there is food insecurity in our community, and you can help!
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