Our Mission

Our Mission.

By providing supplemental food to Princeton children and their families, Send Hunger Packing Princeton (SHUPPrinceton) seeks to reduce food insecurity in our community, so that all of our children can thrive in their classrooms and beyond.

Our Goals

Relieve Food Insecurity

Because a child should hunger for knowledge, not breakfast.

Help Children Thrive

To become the best student and citizen that they can be.

End Hunger

A lofty goal, but one that by every measure in within our ability as a society to achieve.

Improve the Odds

That every child in our community can have a chance to be whatever they choose to be.

Help our Community

As our children’s chances improve, our community can only stand to benefit.

Spread the Word

To make sure that everyone is aware that there is food insecurity in Princeton. And we can do something about.

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