Send Hunger Packing Princeton

Because a child should hunger for knowledge and not for breakfast.

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SHUPPrinceton provides supplemental fresh produce on the weekend and much more …

Because a child should hunger for knowledge and not breakfast.

Why we do what we do …

Almost 14% of the students in Princeton Public Schools, equating to 2 kids in each classroom are eligible for free and reduced-price lunches from the Federal government. While such programs provide food for them during the week, there is no support available on the weekends and holidays.

Eligibility for the “free and reduced” program doesn’t guarantee one is food insecure, but it is a major indicator. Additionally, there are kids who may not qualify for this program who may still from time to time be food insecure.

We know that poor nutrition and learning are at odds. When children arrive to school on Monday morning, they have a right to be properly fed and ready to learn and Send Hunger Packing Princeton was formed to make that possible.

Growing in the Schools!

March, 2022 – SHUPPrinceton rolls out our new Vertical Farm Initiative in partnership with the Princeton Public Schools.

SHUPP is pleased to announce that we have embarked on an exciting new initiative. In conjunction with the Princeton Public Schools we have installed a vertical farm in the Littlebrook Elementary School.

Growing in our Community

May, 2022 – SHUPPrinceton volunteers cleanup and brand one of several SHUPP Community Gardens.

For the past few years now SHUPP has been building and maintaining several community gardens throughout Princeton. This year we have an incredible group of student volunteers who have worked tirelessly to clean up and help maintain the gardens to make sure they serve the community all season long. We could not achieve any of our goals without the support of caring people just like them.

What you can do …

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We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. – Winston Churchill

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Because there is food insecurity in Princeton and you can help end that.

We could not sustain our efforts without our generous partners.

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