SHUPP provides grab and go snacks

To help keep students focused on learning.

The SHUPP In School Snack Program

The snack program at Princeton Middle School is a partnership with SHUPP and the middle school’s parent and student liaison office. SHUPP delivers a variety of nutritious snacks weekly to PMS. The snacks are then distributed to the PMS students and allow the students to remain focused on their studies and not their hunger cravings. SHUPP strives to ensures the students always have something to eat to help get them through their busy day of learning.

“We take “grabbing a quick snack” for granted. Many students don’t have that simple luxury. When hunger strikes, and it’s not lunch time, it can become a gnawing distraction. The snack program takes one more road block out of the students way.”

Bob Rabner,
SHUPP Volunteer

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